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Service Calls are free 706-424-6998All service calls are free! At  AWR we focus on getting to your residential quickly so that you don’t grow any mold! You see because of the way your insurance is written you need to fix the problem and get it removed quickly, or you will have a bigger problem and it will not be covered! WHAT!

You see insurance companies try to keep their expenses don’t as low as possible, why? Look at it this way you have 100,000 insureds and they have a lost. If you save $100.00 by mitigation you saved over

Water hides everywhere, see behind walls!

$1,000,000 that year, not bad! We are located all over Georgia and we respond 24/7 even on Holidays! So call today!

At Athens Water Removal, (AWR) we find water damage behind walls without cutting out drywall! How?

This Infrared red camera looks behind the drywall (cost was $5500). Most water removal companies do not have the resources that we do to complete the job!

Call us now and get the water removal, if insurance company doesn’t pay you don’t owe anything!

Athens Water Removal by AWR 404-398-4741 (Emergency Water Removal)

Athens Georgia Water removal


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