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Water damage restoration is really needed if you want to fix the damage due to water flooding whether it’s a flow within the roofing, water surges, natural flooding due to heavy rains, tank leaks as well as a working faucet left all night. Water damage can be resolved by means of a homeowner or by employing the support of water removal specialist

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Water damage is an extremely emotional and physical experience. The level of water damage could be disastrous leaving everything within an area or building in a poor condition. Imagine what it feels like for those who’ve been afflicted with natural disasters, life-threatening situations, and worse! It is really horrible dealing with the damages and disasters that occur within our home or business property. Not only can it damage your commercial or residential property, additionally, it may ruin your memories of your personal belongings especially your favorite items, furniture, dry walls, carpeting, electronics, important documents and even family heirlooms.

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Even worse is that when the place was immersed for a very long period the walls will be damage as well as the overall construction of your home. That’s why it very important to contact a specialist since they’ll have the necessary equipment for water removal and therefore are educated to deal with various scenarios.

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What a water removal company must understand is that although they might use equipment or power tools that leave their premises dry, experts ensure that intra-sector drying requirements are satisfied. Exactly what this just means is that although householder or company could see the area as dry, experts will think about the work accomplished as second-rate.

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Emergency Water Removal has done over 10,000 homes in the Atlanta/Athens Area. But we treat each job like a new beginning!


EWR has a crew of over 40 people to help demo your home and bring it back even better than before

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We dry your home using the lastest equipment and follow the standards of IICRC to make sure we do it better than anyone else


Some jobs are billed directly towards your insurance company so go upfront costs! (at all the time but we try)

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